Aunt Emma's Menu

Courtesy of Ann Roskos Roffelsen '63

I used to go to Aunt Emma’s when I was a kid and have chocolate pancakes with my father on the occasional Saturday morning. Later, I would hang out drinking the bottomless pot of coffee on a Friday night with my buddies Randy Morantte and Steve Ramsey when I was in high school. Now I take my wife and daughter to Aunt Emma's in Chula Vista. It's at 700 E Street just east of I-5. The menu is basically the same, the plates are still huge, and now my daughter has the chocolate pancakes. The prices are still reasonable, and they have a collection of Aunt Emma's nostalgia at the cashier counter -- George Glover 73

Aunt Emma's Bib

Courtesy of Dietra Anderson Davis '62

Aunt Emma's Coffee Cup,
Ash Tray and Matches

Courtesy of John Clay '69

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