Cars We Drove To School


This 1954 Dodge pickup was driven by Steve Kapchinske ‘65. Notice the Baby Moon hub caps. The paint job was an Earl Scheib Special, and though you can’t see it, the bench seat was a custom leather upholstery job done in Tijuana.

Jerry Lombardo '59 poses with his '55 Chevy during his Senior Year at Crawford.  "It was my favorite car ever," says Jerry.  "I'm now 80 and still above the ground."

The Sullivan clan: John ’65, Steven ’69, Gail ’71 and our mom Kay with our 56 Chevy Bel Air.  Steve and I both drove it to Crawford, until he blew up the engine.  This was taken on my 21st birthday, the day before I shipped out to Vietnam and Thailand for 12 months.  I’m in the Air Force blues -- John Sullivan ’65

At La Jolla Shores in my '66 VW -- Carlos Amezcua '71

My 1955 Chevy Chevy.  We carried the song leaders to the football games in it.  Don Edic, Jerry Monell and myself were cheer leaders -- John Blackwood '59

Prom Night with my 1962 Fiat 600D. It could do 80 mph downhill -- pegged -- and 72 on flat roads. I could drive it between the barriers and onto the SDSU tennis courts. And did! -- Ron Morse ’64 Here’s the car I drove to school, a 1967 Chevy Malibu, with my dog Tippy in the driver's seat -- Joan Thatcher Green ’69

Technically, this '56 Chevy is the car I drove to San Diego State in 1964. Wheel covers and Mickey Mouse white sidewalls courtesy of Pep Boys -- John Fry ’62
At the wheel of my '53 Dodge Meadowbrook wagon picking up a friend to go surfing. Shot taken January 1964 by my friend's mother in front of their Oak Park home -- Dave Swinington ’65

(Left) Ron Jagodinski '62 and his neighbor Bill Dunable (Hoover '63) in Ron's college ride, a 1957 Alfa Romeo Giuletta in January 1964. That's Mom's '63 Lincoln Continental in the garage.
Ron and his 1953 Studebaker Champion in front of the family home in Del Cerro circa February 1961

(Left) I got my '40 Ford from the original owner in Rolando. It was painted by brush and looked terrible. I had it sandblasted and primered, installed new rubber and tinted glass, and was rechroming everything when Dominic Bonjorno made me an offer I could not refuse – Dudley Mills ‘59 (Dominic "The Godfather" Bonjorno made you an offer you couldn't refuse? I ain't gonna ask -- JF) (Right) In 2012 Dudley returned to Colina del Sol Park to replicate the shot at the left with his current ride.

(Left) Phil Bonwell '66 and Gary Juleen '64 stop for a snapshot with Gary's '54 Chevy in front of the Juleen family home at 4142 Vista Grande. They're headed for a Surfing Safari in Ocean Beach. (Right) Al Osborn '64 poses with his '55 Chevy in front of the family home on Aragon Drive

Two views, taken in November 1960, of the 1950 Chevy owned by Steve McDaniel '61 Says Steve, "It had a 3-speed stick, 4:56 rear end gears, with a bored and heavily modified 348 V-8 set back 25% of the wheelbase.  The purpose was weight transfer on acceleration, but mostly to "pull wheelies" at Oscar's and down El Cajon Blvd. I opened the headers at night and when “dragging” -- and blue flames shot out.  The noise was heavenly. For those who were hot rodders back then; it was classed as a B Altered. As for other modifications: It had all chrome, door handles were removed (shaved), head and tail lights were "Frenched" -- recessed with no trim. It had full Copper and White Tuck and Roll interior". Anyone with questions email an Ol' Man with lots of memories ---  

A 1958 Nash Metropolitan was the car that Richard Mooney '74 drove to school. His dad poses beside the beast in this photo.

Norm Black '68 shares a photo of his '57 Ford "Surf Wagon". He needed a wagon 'cause he surfed on a 9' 8" board. Norm has fond memories of the very long night when he and his father transferred the 3-speed column shifter to the floor so the car would be "cool".

This is the 1940 Ford that I had in high School. My pants look like I got them from the Salvation Army – Ted Hazlewood ’63
Ron Layton '64 poses with his 1950 Chevy in front of the home of buddy Buddy Green '65

I am sending a couple of photos of my 1956 Chevy circa 1964. I made the gas pedal in Mr. Mustol’s metal shop, I believe. The sign in the side window that says SPEED KILLS, DRIVE A FORD, which was made in Mr. Morphew's Graphic Arts Class. I am doing a reproduction of the car in my shop as a project for my wife Sue Roskos Mardon ’65 and I to cruise in. We hope to find the Rancho Drive-in theater and park in the passion pit area. At 65 years old you need a little spice. Maybe not.  Yours truly -- Bob Mardon 64

(I didn't know there WAS a designated passion pit area. I only remember the playground area, from when I was a toddler -- JF)

Here are a couple of shots of my '58 T-Bird (the first four-seater), taken circa 1964-65. That's me on the right. The cigarette was stolen from my parents, probably. I purchased the car in 1964 for $1,200.00 (actually my dad purchased it) and remember it ran horribly, as the radiator over heated and the exhaust system was totally rotted out. That didn't stop me from getting it painted and putting some baby moons on the wheels and fixing it up with other accouterments. About a year later when I saved up the money I had the exhaust system repaired and the radiator re-cored for about $150.00. I remember, after it was repaired, driving it to El Centro on Saturday mornings, buying a Pepsi, and turning around and going home. Gas was 22 cents a gallon. I sure do wish I had it back (I would even go for the '59 Chevy behind it). By the way, take note of the TV Antennae (no cable in those days) in the background and one of the Chollas towers still standing – John Botte ‘66

This is me and my 1949 Chevrolet Woodie Wagon at La Jolla Shores in 1963 -- Terry Hall '64 This is a photo of me and the 1957 Ford Ranch Wagon I drove to school my Senior Year. Many trips to the beach were also made -- Frank Klepach '64

1958 Volkswagen Beetle
1955 Chevrolet

These were my parents' cars, but I was allowed to drive them to school once I had my license. My senior year I pretty much drove the VW every day. Bob Richardson '61

1956 Renault 4 CV • Ted McFarland '74
1959 Triumph TR-3 • Mike Linder '66

Thanks for posting Mike Linder's '59 TR-3. I had forgotten that I drove that car over a curb and onto someone's lawn when Mike was trying to teach me how to drive a stick shift. I hope he has gotten over it by now! -- Anne Lewis Moore "66

Didn’t Linda Dawes break his drive shaft? -- Marcia McDonald ‘62 (Linda broke a lot of guys' drive shafts. Oh, you're talking about his car!! -- JF)

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