Aztec Drive In

6070 El Cajon Blvd

(Both photos courtesy of the San Diego History Center)

Advertisements from the San Diego Union indicate it was around for about 20 years

September 3, 1942

March 21, 1956

December 16, 1962

If I remember correctly the Aztec Drive-In was on the Northwest corner of El Cajon Blvd. and College Ave. Now my husband thinks it's on the Southeast corner. My husband graduated from Chula Vista in 1960, so can you believe him? I don't know -- Pamela Peters Campbell 61

It was located at College and El Cajon. I used to go there with my dad and get a hot dog wrapped in a tortilla and fried. They even had carhops. What memories --
Donna Johnson '62

I remember that corner very well. I grew up one block from there and my Mom still lives in the same house. I ate there with my parents in the '50s when I was very young. I love the pictures of it. I remember that carhop service in the 1954 Ford Customline that later became my first car in high school. Oh those were the days! The 7-11 is now on that corner -- Angela Maisano Avitt 70

It was on the northwest corner of college and El Cajon. They had carhop service at one time. My dad would go there some time when we were working on our house in 1950. Later on my newspaper corner was across the street at the market. I would work the entrances to the market. When it slowed down, I would leave a coin box with the papers and go cross to the Aztec motel (next door to the diner) and go around selling papers. I think I got to keep two cents for every dime i collected. High finance --
Pat Chambers 60

The Aztec Drive-In was on the northwest corner of College and El Cajon Blvd. It was next to the Aztec (no tell) Motel -- Larry Higgins 65

I believe this is the diner at the motel on El Cajon where Montezuma and El Cajon converged. They had the best fried chicken and corn fritters. Those were the days when we ate such things. If this is the same place I am thinking of, it was not a drive-in. It was sit down only -- both counter service and booths Stephanie Steel Johnson 74

The Aztec Drive In was located on the corner of College Avenue and El Cajon Blvd. There's a Seven-11 store there now and Bowman's Garage. My husband remembers good "eats" there. I don't recall eating there. My family ate mainly at the College Restaurant, now called the Daily Grind -- Judy Lyle MacInnes 62

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