Bob Biehler, the Defibrillator and Jeff Dunham

You put a picture of me and a car I built on your site some years back. It was called the Defibrillator. The guy I built it for and his wife had a ton of fun with it and made it like world famous. A model was made and put on sale in hobby shops, toy stores even Wal-Mart. After six years the owners decided to part with it and do something different. They put it up for sale and it sold to a guy down in Oregon.

While it was being advertised for sale another guy, comedian Jeff Dunham (that's him on the left), wanted to buy it so he got it from the guy in Oregon and told his manager to get a hold of the guy that built it and set up an interview in his shop. Financial managers, lawyers, and production managers called and that’s where it all started. Nothing can happen the easy way in Hollywood. They sent me contracts and that went back and forth a few times till we got it worked out and they sent a few guys (camera, sound, lights - no makeup chick) and they interviewed me and the guy I built it for. They shot the whole shop and hot rods here for four and a half hours. Then they took it all back to Hollywood and it will go to the cutting room and I’m sure a ton of it will end up on the floor and I will get my fifteen seconds of fame.  I'm wearing my lucky rag my sister Linda Biehler '63 made for me. Hope it starts working pretty soon -- Bob Biehler '61
(Left) The Defibrillator in the Winner's Circle at the Good Guys' West Coast Nationals
in Pleasonton, CA. (Right) Defribrillator model that was sold in kit form at WalMart.
(Left) Bob "Mr. Weld" Biehler '61 and James the
videographer. (Right) Bob, James, and the "sound guy".
(Left) Tom Hentschell and Bob. Bob built the Defibrillator for Tom, who became a
good friend as well as a customer. (Right) Tom, Bob and the sound guy.
Tom and Bob appear on the monitor
next to a Biehler-built Bonneville bike.
Tom and Bob in person, and on the monitor, surrounded by Big Boy Toys.

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