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Eva and Bob Creason Visit Japan

And pose for a photo at a Tea Ceremony

Nathan East '73 Performs in Germany

My German is a little rusty, but the newspaper seems excited

True Love at True Foods

Five Coeds from '64 dine on March 1, 2024

More Abrazos from Uruguay

Christie and Ernie Griffin visit Laura Montaldo in Montevideo

Lunch at Filippi's

A Class of '68 gathering on December 14, 2023

You're gonna be in Sydney?  I'm gonna be in Sydney too!!

69 classmates Pamela Ferguson Hanson and Janet
Chelberg Burgess  met up in Australia -- thanks to Facebook

Campus Lab School

1963 grads meet again at Poway Lake

A Trip to Tokyo

Sharon Whitley Larsen visited Karen Smith Takizawa

Lunch at Elijah's Restaurant

Some folks from the Class of '72 got together in Clairemont on October 14, 2023

Birthday Boy

Owen Western '63 was in attendance at the Annual Radio and TV
Reunion held at Deano's on Baltimore Drive on October 8th, 2023.
It was also his birthday.

A North County Lunch

A Class of '63 crowd at the Original Pancake House in Encinitas

The Camino de Santiago

A very long bike ride by Class of 70 teammates Craig Juleen,
Gary Gallerstein, Harry Krewsun and Wayne Zucker

Homecoming 2023

The Hayfork Museum

Inside the home of Sharon Cramer Sceper '68

They're B-A-A-A-C-K

The "Hardy Boys" have lunch with a long-lost classmate

Lunch at the Butcher Shop

Five alumni from Hardy, Horace Mann and Crawford

An Alaskan Cruise

Four ladies from '69 -- and their husbands

A Northern California Lunch

Three Colts from '63 get together.

New Athletic Equipment in the Crawford Gym

'68 Classmates Lunch at the Monkey Cat

Walt Abbey and Frank Apgar meet in Northern California

Class of '67 Lunch at Sammy's Wood-fired Pizza

Two Photos from Sally Rice Fox '74

Sally cruised by the campus on August 6, 2022

An Alumni Visit to Crawford High July 21, 2022

Photos by Gail Schindler Fogelman '67

Some folks from '68 have burgers at Duke's

A Class of '71 Mini Reunion

Hosted by Mary Ellen Whelan Clark

Class of '67 Lunch at Casa Guadalajara June 24, 2022

A Dinner Party for Karen Smith Takizawa '69

A Campus Lab School Reunion

The CLS Class of 1963 meets at Poway Lake

Friends for 71 Years

Colin Cole and Duane Farrar visit Ocean Beach Pier on January 13, 2022

Photos from the 60 year reunion of the Class of '61

They invited '59, '60 and '62 also

Class of '60 Reunion Committee Luncheon

A great photo by Beverly Swaim Wickstrom '62

Mike Shannon Shot The Sheriff

Well, maybe he didn't, but he submitted a photo of a bunch of '65 Colts -- including Sheriff Bill Gore --  who gathered for golf at Mission Valley's River Walk course on July 24, 2018

Joe Keeyes and Friends

Kathy Keeyes Antus marries off her son and puts together a luncheon for her brother(s)

The Rasty Ones

Then and now photos of bodysurfers John Velguth and Tony Flores

Where's Waldo?

I need some help with names of folks at a recent Class of '71 luncheon

"50 Years Later" Affarations Luncheon

Courtesy of Gary Crossland '66

Class of '70 gathering at the Kaffee Meister

Guitarist Guy Gonzalez has a groupie following

Class of '61 Luncheon

Apparently the group meets regularly at On The Border

Play Ball!!

Earl Altshuler hosts a Crawford Baseball Alumni Party

Fly With Us

Two Colts show up in a vintage PSA publicity shot

Three Porsches In My Life

by John Ramsey '60

"I'd Like A Sheet of the New Medal of Honor Stamps"

Dottie Johnson Vargas '60 can buy stamps with her husband's picture on them.

"In THIS Corner!!"

Class of '64 buddies attend the Del Mar Boxing Matches

Reunion Planners

The Class of '60 Reunion Committee met at the home of Vickie Heramb Lareau

Eatin' Healthy

Class of '64 babes gather for lunch at True Foods Kitchen

Surfers' Rule

Terry Hall '64 shares a 2013 photo taken at the Old Surf Guys BBQ

The Ladies of Dorian Gray

The annual Class of '72 Regifting Party -- and the girls haven't aged

Why does that woman look familiar?

A photo from Florence sends Bob Richardson looking for his Centaur

A '64 Mini-Reunion in Buenos Aires

Bob Lutz and Miguel Reynero spend a day together

Classy '70 Ladies

A party at the home of Kris Pruski Wood

Wanna See My Cave?

Susan Wilkerson McCasland visits Mary Ellen Whelan Clark in Peyrepertuse, France

Archie and the Archtones

Class of '71 members party at the Grant Grill

G'Day Mate

A small group from '63 parties with Zeller Waymire

Spring Rolls and Spring Chickens

It was Meri Pierce Knight's birthday on July 18th

"That's Amore!!"

Colts gather at the Mission Bay Hilton to celebrate Giovanna DeSanti Medina's 60th birthday

Golden Arrow Dairy

Wait'll you see this 1949 calendar

PS -- I Love You

Class of '63 Fillies gather in Palm Springs for the Follies

Longboards in OB

Alan Osborn '67 shares surfing photos from 1964

Go Broncos!!

Three members of the Class of '69 are waiting for golf weather.

Four Giovannas -- No Waiting

Giovann DeSanti Medina '72 shares a Christmas
photo of the DeSanti cousins -- all named Giovanna

Sexagenerians To Be

The 2014 Class of '72 Re-Gifting Party is special

Steel Canyon Brunch

Alan Pryor 66, Mark Mellinger 66 and Chuck Ham 65 get together

Trouble Right Here in River City

Some Class of '71 folks shoot pool at Pal Joey's

Class of '60 Reunion Committee Luncheon

Some good-looking people dined at MCRD

Crawford Golf Winners

Sharon Culver Considine '60 shows up at Colina Park to award golf scholarships

A '59 Mini Reunion

Linda Minyard Isbell visits from Texas

Together Again

Dave Smith '74 and Ken Burton '72 hit the waves at
San Elijo -- and Steve Kwik '76 gets invited too

Coach Draz Hangs Up His Speedo

Actually he's just cleaning out some memorabilia -- and Ken Burton '72 wants to share.

Bart Simpson Comics #61

Scott Shaw '68 says he sold his first artwork, as a 7th Grader, to
Don's Hamburgers. He shares a couple of pages of his latest work.

The Defibrillator Is Back!!

Comedian Jeff Dunham buys Bob Biehler's prize-winning creation

That's Sharrin to you!!

Some photos of Sharon Mass Miller '61

Campus Lab School Reunion

6th Graders from 1955 gather in Mission Hills

1967 Midway Chuck Wagon Calendar

Courtesy of Donna Henderson Jones '67

A Photo from the '69 Reunion

Three Musketeers from Henry Clay Elementary

Lab Rats

Campus Lab School alumni pose for their OWN photo at the '69 Reunion

Down In Front!!

Watch the Picasa slide show of '74's 35th Reunion, thanks to Kim McGee '74


You won't BELIEVE what happened to Betty
Mayfield Picard '75 while in the dentist's chair in Plano, TX


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