The House on Mohawk Street

(Home to Dennis '61 and Stephen Bishop '69)


(Denny couldn't remember the address of the Mohawk Street house.  I was able to find a
2022 photo of it on Google Streetview.  It's on the corner of Mohawk and 71st Street)

The house on Mohawk is where Stephen and I lived from ages 10 and 19, with Stephen going to elementary and junior high schools and me going to San Diego State. 

I was the main reason for Stephen’s interest in music, playing many popular songs of the late ‘50s and early ‘60s on my record player in the bedroom that we shared. He was in the orchestra at Horace Mann playing his clarinet and writing poetry in his little blue book.  After reading some of his poetry, I told him he should turn some into songs, which he did and that started his songwriting career. Then, on his 13th birthday, I bought him an electric guitar at Unimart on University Avenue, along with a learn-to-play guitar songbook.  I then hooked up a radio speaker to use as a guitar amplifier.

Soon after, Stephen started a band called The Weeds, with three other friends from school.  They asked me to manage them, which I did. I got them outfits to wear that made them look like the hottest band at the time -- the Beatles!

Through my connections I got them many gigs at fraternity and sorority parties at San Diego State and all around town.   They came in second at the Clairemont Battle of the Bands in San Diego.  The Weeds never went anywhere big after they fired me for wanting 5% more as their manager -- other than playing the Cinnamon Cinder on El Cajon Blvd, a youths only club. 

But Stephen went on to L.A. to start a solo music career that’s lasted 50 years -- and still goes On and On! 

-- Denny Bishop ‘61

(Sometimes you can't see the trees for the forest.  Turns out Stephen Bishop has
written an autobiography, entitled On and Off.  Click HERE for more information.)

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