Blumer's Bakery

5379 El Cajon Blvd.

John Suitts' photo • circa 1975

San Diego Union • December 23, 1960

San Diego Union • April 7, 1967

1960 classmates Ken and Linda Shulkind Blumer in Alaska
I retired from my law firm -- Troy & Gould -- in Century City  in March of 2019 .  Linda and I sold our home in Encino and moved to the beach in Oxnard Shores --  a cooler and less hectic life style.  I am still practicing real estate law part time from home for a few of my best clients, but otherwise enjoying the beach lifestyle, the cooler climate and no traffic.  My dad passed away in 1970 and my mom sold Blumer’s Bakery & Delicatessen in1974 to a fellow from New York who kept the name and style -- Ken Blumer '60

Blumer’s Bakery catered my wedding reception

  Leatha McGowan Cooksy ’70

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