(Courtesy of Ed Schoenberg '70)

(With added comments at the end by Jim Dyke '66)



This was a special moment for me because I came back to Crawford -- long after graduation -- to help out by playing in the orchestra as a member of “The Bearcats” at the request of Dennis Foster, who was a neighbor of mine at the time; AND it was my first date with Danna Patterson ’68, who I later married!  During the show, Danna sat in the audience with the parents of Gary Wilson, who was one of the performers in the production.  He and Danna were part of the Peter Lance Singers, so she was good friends with Gary and his family.  You will note that the male lead was played by our famous alum, STEPHEN BISHOP!  I had a credit of sorts, also.  The musicians were listed in an insert to the program.  I was listed as “Jim Oyke.”  So much for fame and fortune!  Jim Dyke ’66

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