Sally Brett's Photo Album
BROWNIES -- "FLYING UP": 1. --------; 2. Jerry; 3.--------; 4. Suzane Post; 5. Edell Kelley; 6. -----------;
7. Sharon Goldberg; 8. Vicki Bostic; 9. Sally Brett; 10. Rolly Fanton; 11. -----------; 12. -------------.

Sure can tell you were never a Girl Scout, John! The littlest girls are Brownies and when we reached a certain age and were allowed to be "real" Girl Scouts we had a "Flying Up" Ceremony. If you'll recall, Brownies are the equivalent of sprites, or pixies - thus, the reference to flying! Now you know, aren't you glad!!!

Hey John...
"Flying Up" was a ceremony for the Brownie Scouts when they moved on to becoming full-fledged Girl Scouts. Happy trails, my friend.

Fad and Fun Day 1960
Ron Dargo and Terry Shulkind
Clarice Bell is playfully going to put Mary Wilcox' eye out. Luckily Mary's wearing glasses
No names
Char Sherkenback, Sarina Klein Nordmarken with the dark hair, shorts and striped top. Sarina does't know the guys
Dog Show
Patty Bailey

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