Richard Schwarz '59 shares a photo of he and Mom, probably taken around 1944. Hard to make out but Dick is wearing an Army uniform. His dad was flying B-17s over Romania at the time of this photo.
(Above, left) Joe Schlader ‘70 shares a 1969 family photo taken in Tijuana. From left to right are Joe’s sister, Joe, Dad and Mom, and an uncle and aunt from Minnesota. (Above, right) "I'm not sure but this looks like the same donkey nine years later. My daughter is in the middle with flowers. Those were the 'good old days'." -- Dudley Mills '59

Sharon Cramer Sceper '68 bought these Chinese-made Western Cowboys at the Kruger Street Toy Museum in Wheeling, West Virginia. They looked like Tijuana Burros to her -- and me!!

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