The Pam Burroughs Collection
Pam Burroughs
Pam's Girls' Athletic Association Sweater
My friend Kari reinacts the way Pam would have looked wearing the sweater in 1963 -- if she were blonde. The photo was taken in the library at La Casa Frito. Kari, by the way, is a recent graduate of the University of San Diego and is looking for a position in sales and marketing. Email me for a copy of her resume if you know of an opening -- John Fry.
The 1962 Winter Holiday Concert was at Crawford and was recorded. Most of our parents were present. There is a picture of the " Crawford blue-robed Choir" in the 1963 Centaur on pg 108. Mr. Alan Frank was a very talented and expert choir director. He could have easily been teaching at University level. He was, and still is very much respected by all of us that had the pleasure of learning from him.

The 1962 spring concert was held at Starlight Bowl, the site of the Starlight summer performances in Balboa Park. It was an honor that our school choir was represented among many of the local schools in the area at that time. We had a few practices together with the orchestras of our various High Schools and then performed, and a recording was made and sold to the students. Every time a plane would come over, we would have to stop and then start again where we left off during the rehearsal. There is also a picture of Mr. Frank holding up the album cover in the 1963 Centaur on page 21.
The Prom
My date for my prom was Eddie Mark. We double dated with Marcia Anderson and Fred Jacobs. The prom was at the El Cortez, and the afterprom was held at the Parkway Bowl in El Cajon. The afterprom was a blast. After the afterprom everyone went to their homes and got some rest for a few hours. Then a lot of us went to Disneyland. Those were the days!!!!
The After Prom
Pam poses for a couple of cap and gown snapshots at the family home

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