Deborah Butterfield

Member of Crawford's Class of 1966, Deborah may well be the only Colt to have her name as the title of a book. One biographer stated that Deborah created unique sculptures of horses because her birth date coincided with the 75th running of the Kentucky Derby. You don't suppose it really had to do with the fact she was a Crawford Colt?

Issued by Harry S. Abrams, America's premier publisher of coffee table books, Deborah Butterfield is available on
Unmistakably a horse, this sculpture is uniquely a Deborah Butterfield work.

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John: In your June 10th email, you mentioned the Deborah Butterfield exhibit. It so happens that I recently visited her exhibit at the new contemporary art center in Mesa AZ, and a photographer caught my picture there. The horses are actually life size. Although it looks as though I am standing under one of the horses, I am actually far away in the background. Up close, the sculptures look like they are made of pieces of gnarled wood and somehow glued or welded together. I was surprised to learn that they are actually bronze sculptures. They are amazing.

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