Colts in the News


Ash Hayes To Receive 2007 Monty Award

Start saving now -- tables for 10 are $1550

Charlene Archibeque Is Retired -- Or Is She?

Hi John! I thought you might be interested in the article about former Crawford chorale director, Dr. Charlene Archibeque. My wife and I attended a concert of the San Jose State Choraliers of which she is the retiring director. The were preparing for their annual European competitions in Slovenia, Germany, Italy and Austria. They sounded incredible! A wonderful mix of folk, secular and classical music that has to be heard to be appreciated!

Dan Burton '66


Lela Kerth and Hubby Harry

Tamara Kritzer Kelly forwards a link from Laurel, Montana


Phil Capp Leads the Parade

The 100th birthday of the Old Spanish Trail

Songwriter Carole King meets Mike Schwartz

Ralph W. Hingson Research in Practice
National President’s Award

Dr. David Sleet gets MADD award

Sandy Shapery Decides To
Tackle Transportation Gridlock


Sports Fan

Marcia MacDonald gets photoplay in the
February 10, 1962 Evening Tribune

John Fry Day

A proclamation from city hall on my 80th birthday

The Douglas XB-19

Article by Ray Wagner Drawing by John Fry

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword -- So Far!!

Richard Lidbom's Letter to the Editor -- and one response

"It's Garnet -- Darn it"

An old video of John Fry being interviewed by Ken Kramer

Summer Sunset Sky

Michal Prichard Poe's new romantic mystery. The 10-minute film features an all-Asian cast. Michal says not everyone gets it.

Jack Montgomery Reopens The North Park Theatre


From rock musician to producer of 'talking books'

George Fogelman featured in

Jerry Smithson Chairs Human Dignity Award

and gets his photo in the October issue of San Diego Magazine


Radical RXC 500 R

Don Anderson's rare race car on display at the
2023 San Diego International Auto Show

Learn to Read & Write Chess

A booklet from Jeanne Cairns Sinquefield '64

Odin's Roar

Randy Groding’s second novel has been published. Odin's Roar is a murder mystery/thriller that takes the reader deep inside the mind and psychosis of a serial killer. There are twists, turns, and a double ending.


"Big Al" Muehleisen

The guitar virtuoso performs in the Seattle area under the name Al Miller


Kundalini Yoga Meditation

David Shannahoff-Khalsa has written a new book,
published by W. W. Norton in 2006

Deborah Butterfield: Published by Harry S.Abrams


Runway Model Valerie Ziegenfuss

Valerie Appears at NCRWF Luncheon

John Dorman Featured Los Angeles Opera Donor

Chris Benson '66 spotted this in Los Angeles Performance Magazine


PSA Flight Attendant Debbie Roel

Debbie and Adele Rabin '69 strike a pose -- or three

Spice Train

Scott Shaw creates album cover art work for the San Diego
band  Space Pistols using San Diego landmarks.

Flamingo Surprise!

How'd ya like to wake up to a yard full of plastic pink flamingos?
Better yet, how'd you like to surprise someone else? If you live in the
Oakland, California area, Kerry Lim Hargraves can make it happen.

George Saldamando Retires as Assistant Police Chief

George retired September 1, 2005 after 34 years o the force.
(Thanks to Bob Lawrence '64 for spotting this story)

Alumni Emailers Go Nuts!


Stephen Bishop in Animal House

He was "the charming guitar player"

PSA Flight Attendant Adele Rabin

Adele and Debbie Roel '68 strike a pose -- or three

Tom Madro Paints Again!

Tom says he's getting the hang of the painting biz'.

“Things are looking REALLY good so far this year - many, MANY sales!!! And am going into at least six more galleries this year including Tokyo, Japan."

Take a look at the two he just sold for $22,500 each.


Mike Stamm is "Alive & Cookin'"

He's got a catering business in Orinda and spends
lotsa time "giving back" to the less fortunate

Tim Blackwell is Back in Baseball

One of five Colts to catch in the majors, Tim is pitching coach
for the San Diego Surf Dawgs


Fit Kids

Sarah Leddick did the makeup for the new
Shaquille O'Neal show about overweight kids.


Time Heals All Wounds

Hole-in-one at Colina for Chuck Rainey almost erases the pain of his failed no-hitter with the Chicago Cubs.

Phyllis Schwartz has just been promoted to Executive Vice President of all 10 NBC Universal television stations. Read the interview Tom  Blair did with her in the January 2007 San Diego Magazine

Julie Stevens LaPort

Julie and her husband have left Temecula to open a fishing lodge in Norfolk, AR

Jeannie Governali Ray

Jeannie has written a wonderful book, co-authored by her daughter Sara Weinberger, entitled "Movin Out 101". It is for people leaving home for the first time, or -- in my case -- someone interested in the possibility of successfully cooking a Chile Relleno Casserolle.

Maureen Hallahan

One of the four new Superior Court Judges appointed by Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger on April 19, 2007 was Maureen F. Hallahan, 52. She is a partner with the law firm Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch in San Diego, specializing in trusts, estates and labor law. A Democrat, she takes the open seat created by the retirement of Judge Charles Wickersham. Judges receive a state salary of $171,648. In addition, they receive a car allowance of $572 a month, or $6,864 per year.

Monica Pacheco Zech

Monica was given the 2007 Grossmont Healthcare Award" and additional honors for her dedication to safety...along with the award from Grossmont Healthcare, two Certificates of recognition from the U.S. Congress, two from the California State Assembly, and a proclamation from the San Diego County Board of Supervisors.

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