Campus Lab School • 3rd Grade • 1951

Tell me who you recognize, as in "Sitting, 3rd from left . . . Kneeling . . . Standing"

Campus Lab School • 6th Grade • 1954

TOP ROW: Mary (Betsy) Cairns Chamberlain '60, Spencer Milne '60, Karen Miller, Billy Ryan?, Karen Orr, Gary Gafford, Margaret Doig, Peter Rohfleisch, Carolyn Mumby. MIDDLE ROW: Jim Butler (Grossmont '60), Lynn Reed, Sonja Ingebretsen, Richard Bundy?, Millie Snell, Bruce Chassey, Joan Peterson, Steve Campbell '60. BOTTOM ROW: Janet Watson, Donald __?, Cathy Tonsky '60, Page Crouch '60, Michael Tucker '60, Joann Hatalson, Mr. Slusher, Dr. Nardelli.

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