Hoover High School

A few pages from the 1932 Dias Cardinales

1963 Junior Prom Program

Courtesy of Ann Roskos Roffelsen '63)

Adams Elementary School

6th Grade -- 1953

Rick Combs '59 wonders if any other Colts attended Adams

4th Grade -- 1956

Dana Carr '64 went to Adams for one year, at least

Audubon Elementary School

Courtesy of Randy Robbins '67

Blessed Sacrament School

Courtesy of Kathy Keeyes Antus '68

Grades 3 to 5: 1963-1965

Courtesy of Kris Pruski Wood '70

Campus Lab School

3rd Grade 1951

Courtesy of Jim Butler, Helix '60

4th Grade 1953

Forward Elementary School

Forward Elementary 6th Grade: 1962

Courtesy of Donna Adler Robberecht '68

Franklin Elementary School

Second and Sixth grade photos from Elizabeth Holmes Klugh '61

Hardy Elementary School

Hearst Elementary School

Grades Four through Six; 1959-1961

Courtesy of Jim Teeter '67

Jackson Elementary School

Marshall Elementary School

School Staff

Courtesy of John Watt '66

Mrs Hallock Third Grade 1959

Courtesy of Norm Black '68

Montezuma Elementary School

Rolando Park Elementary School

Webster Elementary School

Courtesy of Randy Robbins '67

2nd-3rd Grades 1962-1964

Courtesy of Deby Cox Cowan '72


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