This photo was taken by our Principal at Campus Lab School, Dr. Robert Nardelli, with my Brownie Hawkeye, in spring '54 (5th grade for me). It shows the Student Council:

Front Row --
Sheldon Sarfan '63, Terry Hudson '63, Jeri Lee Thompson, Virginia Miller, Iris Jean Wilson Phillips '61.
Back Row --
Steve Campbell '60, Page Crouch '60, Steve Welch (Grossmont '61), me '61, Karen Orr, Sharon Bornemann Cole (Helix '60, but she was in my class at CLS), Karen Miller, Shirley Secor '62.

Terry Hudson identified Sarfan and Thompson -- they were in his class. Page Crouch identified Orr -- she was in his class and he thinks went to Hoover. The late Pam Sellman '62 identified Secor. Sheldon Sarfan identified Virginia Miller, who was in his class at CLS. Jim Bulter (CLS '54 and Grossmont '60) identified Karen Miller (confirmed by Crouch and Campbell, who were also in her class). Sharon Dowling Bobbitt '62 (CLS 4th grade when the photo was taken) also helped identifying people -- Bob Richardson '61

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