Campus Lab School • 6th Grade • 1955

Top Row: Sharon Bornemann Cole (Helix '60), Jim Schrupp '61, Nancy McBlair (Grossmont, I think '61, but attended Hoover grades 10-11), Steve Welch (Grossmont '61), Diane Einstein Singer (Point Loma '61, but 10th grade at Crawford), Bob Richardson '61, Carol Williams Beres (Bishops '61), Larry Felson (Helix '61), Maredele Andersen (Grossmont '61). 2nd Row: Fritz Ziegenfuss '61, Iris Jean Wilson Phillips '61, Gary Grossman '61, Kris Amundson Ogley (Mt. Miguel '61), Ken Schulte (Helix '61), Michele Ruja (Helix '61), Randy Weissbuch (Helix '61), Natalie Ault Barry '61. 3rd Row: Julie Robertson Campbell (Lincoln, '61), Carol Blankenship Bradford '61, Fred Cairns '61, Sharon Dennstedt Zullo '61, Dave Sickels (Hoover '61), Shirley (Diane) Dowling '61, Ray Gibbs '61.

Campus Laboratory School 6th Grade Graduation 1955

Kneeling L-R: Nancy McBlair (Grossmont), Natalie Ault '61, Diane Einstein (Point Loma), Diane Dowling '61, Maredele Andersen (Grossmont). Gary Grossman '61, Fritz Ziegenfuss '61.
Middle row L-R: Michele Ruja (Helix), Iris Jean Wilson '61, Kris Amundson (Mt. Miguel), Mrs. Brydegaard, Randy Weissbuch (Helix), Carol Blankenship '61, Bob Richardson '61, Ken Schulte (Helix).
Back Row L-R: Carol Williams (Bishops), Sharon Dennstedt '61, Julia Robertson (Lincoln), Steve Welch (Grossmont), Dave Sickels (Hoover), Fred Cairns '61, Jim Schrupp '61 (blocked by me).

Ray Gibbs '61 was in our class too but somehow wasn't at the graduation; Sharon Bornemann (Helix) was there but somehow didn't get in the picture.. I've placed a yellow circle in the photo at the rigiht that shows where the graduation photo was taken -- Bob Richardson '61

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