The Campus Lab School Class of 1955 had its 55th Anniversary Reunion on October 9, 2010 at the lovely Mission Hills home of Diane Einstein Singer, who went to Horace Mann and started 10th grade at Crawford but then transferred to Point Loma when her parents moved. Eight of the surviving twenty-three classmates attended. Gary Grossman '61 is our one deceased member. L-R: Bob Richardson '61, Sherry Dennstedt Zulo '61, Diane Einstein Singer (Horace Mann '58, Point Loma '61), Ken Schulte (Helix '61), Fred Cairns '61, Maredele Andersen (now Ayawnda Alise, Grossmont '61), Carol Williams Beres (Bishops '61) and Max -- Diane's very engaging Jack Russell. To see what we looked like 55 years ago, click HERE. Update on the 1961 Crawfordites who didn't attend: Jim Schrupp, who lives fairly near me in Vacaville, couldn't attend because his wife, Pam, is undergoing medical treatments. Fritz Ziegenfuss opted out --reunions aren't his thing -- but he and I had a great one-on-one reunion over lunch a few days later in San Marcos. Iris Jean Wilson Phillips planned to attend but had to be in Texas for her granddaughter's national cheerleading competition. Natalie Ault Barry was on the coast at Cayucos and didn't make the trip south. Carol Blankenship Bradford (Grand Bay, AL), Shirley Diane Dowling (Decatur, GA), and Ray Gibbs (Pensacola, FL) didn't make their long respective trips. It was a great evening and we figure to have another gathering in a few years -- Bob Richardson '61

Below: Diane Einstein Singer, Randy Weissbuch (Helix '61) and his wife Ellie and daughter Aubrie. Randy, a radiologist who lives in Arcadia, ran for Congress in the 26th District again this year.

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