Poway Lake

In 2023, for the third straight year, the 1963 class from The Campus Laboratory School, met at Lake Poway.  Our classes were 24 students, half boy and half girls. Most of us were together from nursery school to kindergarten and all the way through to sixth grade.  Several of us were in the Crawford 1969 graduating class. We’ve known each other about 70 years and are still in touch.

Top Row: George Sorensen, Keith Christensen, Debbie Booth (NC*), Niki Aquaviva (NC), David Wade (who was at Crawford a year or two), Terry Potter, Carla Cross (NC), Cindy Dowling (NC), and Ross Merrill (NC). 

Bottom row: David Kaplan, Roxanne Hart (NC), Gayle Urban, Thom Cook, Robbie “Rob” Wilcox. (* Did not attend Crawford)

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