Jean Pearson Miller ‘59 actually has fond memories of the Crawford cafeteria hamburgers. “They were not regular patties,” she says. “The meat was crumbled but definitely not Sloppy Joes”. She’s hoping for a recipe. I’m thinking memory really plays tricks on us as we age. On the other hand, I did kinda like the Tuna Casserole.

I really liked the burgers, too. Very different; kind of steamed. Nothing that you would be happy to get if you were expecting a REAL hamburger, at a real restaurant, but excellent with one of those grainy "chocolate" shakes. My very favorite, though, were the "PRONTO PUPS." Does anyone remember these? Hot dog (no bun) with mashed potatoes and melted cheese on top. Heavenly!! As I recall, these were also a favorite of Nancy Calkins. I've tried to recreate the magic at home, through the years, but cannot match the glory done by the cafeteria ladies!! And, yes, I'm sure the age thing has something to do with it, and the sentimental factor, but I actually do remember hankering for these culinary delights -- at the time!! -- Cyndi Jo Mitton Means '68

Crawford HS ‘60s burgers? At a time when Oscar's double-deckers ruled the roost, McDonald's was an LA thing and Jack-in-the Box was just coming on line, my recollection of Crawford's cafeteria burgers is that they were some kind of mystery meat (pureed beef with lots of filler, reconstituted in a burger patty) served on a white bread bun with ketchup and mustard (only) already on them, made at 5:00 AM and kept hot in a steam table until lunch time. No lettuce, no mayo, no onion, and no do-it-yourself condiments. Yuck! -- Larry E. Nielsen '64

I LOVED the cafeteria TACOS ... they were to die for!! BUT I would still pay a fortune for the Don Jose taco meat recipe. YUM. Oh, but I DO have the recipe for San Diego City Schools PEANUT BUTTER CHEWS. They are delicious and sinful!! -- Debbie Rogers Park '72

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