I'm attaching a handy dandy pocket sized calendar from 1967 put out by the Midway Chuck Wagon. "All you can eat for $1.09." Can you imagine? I remember when it was a loooooong way to Midway Drive from our Crawford area house. -- Donna Henderson Jones '67

($1.09!!! That's outrageous!! I remember when it was 99¢ At least it included Beverly and a dessert. I hate to break it to you at this late date, but the Campus Chuck Wagon may have been closer to your house -- JF)

The Campus Chuck wagon on El Cajon Blvd was my first "real" job. I worked there my Junior and Senior years before going into the Navy. I used to serve Don Coryell and San Diego Aztec football teams. Man, could they eat! -- Jim Miller ’67

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