1958 City Directory

Corinth Street

Ray Barner graduated from Grossmont High School in 1964.  He would like to hear from his boyhood pals from Andrew Jackson and Horace Mann.  The Barner Boys -- twins Raymond and Richard -- grew up on Corinth Street, but moved after 9th Grade.  Lee Widauer and Sue Talmage were neighbors.  Ray has fond memories of Eddie Newton, Jimmy Bell, Al Porter, Ricky Selton, and fellow twins Vicki and Virginia Stack.  Ray lives in Langley, Washington -- on Whidbey Island -- and can be reached by email at rybar4@aol.com   Or you can call him at 425-772-6303.

The Barner Boys lived at the other end of Corinth and were older, so I had few contacts with them.  Dr James Linley (4211) and Dr Joe Apple (4236 -- moved before 1958) were both Professors of Education at SDSC.  Ivan Crane (4233) was the  foreman for the construction on Corinth St.   Other distinguished Corinth St residents -- Joan Embery is at 4349 and the McGrath family is at 4354.  At the time, he had a small topsoil business. Man, did that grow!  Here's my Mom and I shortly before moving into our house at 4216 -- Joe Dyke '65

(I have it on good authority that Joe's Mom Marge celebrated her 102nd birthday earlier this year -- JF)

In regards to your notice concerning Ray Barner's hope to get in touch with former Andrew Jackson students.   I contacted him and sent him links to the two Facebook Groups I created -- Rene Maza  '74

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