I just found this photo of the Cub Scout Troop I was in. It had to be in the early ‘50s. I’m in the middle up at the top and I recognize the faces of a lot of the kids but just don’t remember their names. This ship was in the harbor of San Diego. My Dad was in the Navy at that time and I don’t know if this is his ship or not. Look at the wooden decks! Please Enjoy -- Ted Hazlewood ’63

If memory serves me correctly, we were on the USS Tulare AKA-112 , an attack troop transport ship.  The year may have been 1957 or 1958. One of my den members, Kevin Carruth, through his dad arranged the tour.  I think he is on the left hand side of the second row.  I am in the second row, third from the left of the Cubbies in uniform.  Our den mother was Mrs. Chapman, and she may be standing at the left of the second row wearing a white sweater.  Although this occurred well over fifty years ago, I still remember being seated at the gun trainer seat of a 40 mm Bofors AA cannon station, attempting to elevate the barrels of the gun.  I know that Tom Patterson '65 and Kevin Carruth '65 were in the same Den.  Kevin’s dad arranged the trip. We were Pack 971 out of Oak Park Elementary -- Dave Ming ‘65

I regret the ship identification is incorrect.  Tulare had no similar wood deck, nor did Tulare ever carry whale boats such as the one shown in the davit;  also the davit construction does not match.  Tulare had no 40mm guns -- Ed Mersich, USS Tulare Website

I may have been in Pack 971, I was in Boy Scout Troop 971, Kevin Carruth and I were next door neighbors and good friends. His father was stationed aboard the Tulare as a Chief Electricians Mate. I don't remember the pack trip, but I do remember having dinner in the Chiefs’ Mess on board the Tulare as a guest of Kevin’s parents George and Clara Carruth -- Bob Mardon 64

My father helped commission the Tulare in 1957 in San Francisco and it was then immediately stationed in San Diego. The photo, if it was the Tulare, would have had to be in 1957-58 because you join Boy Scouts at age 11 and in November 1958 I would have turned 11. My point is that I am class of '65 and Ted Hazlewood is class of '63 so he is two years older than me, with a probable 1945 birth date, which ages him out of Cub Scouts in 1956. USS Tulare can not be the answer --
Kevin Carruth ’65

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