1959 Senior Prom Photos

U. S. Grant Hotel

(Photos by Kirby Johnson, forwarded by Diane Dawson)

Richard Schwartz, Linda Brown, Marty Raborn, Diane Tollefson, Brenda Cumming, Mike Kilpatrick, George Gabor, Jan Allison, Barbara Ekrem.

Ellen Scott

(seated) Gary Leonard & ??, Linda Carlson & George Geyer, (rear) Rory Thompson & date • Marion Miner & Don Ball

On the left side of the table with their backs to us: Bonnie Taylor is furthest away. That may be Buddy Webb next and possibly Barbara Johnson (not sure about herl). On the other side of the table looking at the camera is John Blackwood, furthest from the camera. I recognize the other 2, but can't remember their names and don't find their photos in the annual. I think she was not in our class, but he was and I remember him having a car, or being in a shop class or something like that. I have a clear memory of his face, but no name comes with it--how frustrating. -- Ellen Scott Hahn

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