1935 Hoover High School Yearbook

 My neighbor Sandy wandered over this week with a copy of the 1935 Hoover High annual.  Aha -- said I!!  Ted Williams and Les Cassie!!  Well, sort of.  Les Cassie, father of Tom '62 and Jim '65, is in the annual as a Senior, but not in the baseball team photo.  Ted Williams is in the team photo but not pictured as a Senior.  Maybe he wasn't a Senior.  I'm sure the Cassies will clear things up. 

I'm not sure who Robert Burns is (he may have gone on to a career in poetry), but Les Cassie was the father of Tom Cassie '62 and Jim Cassie '65 and went on to found the local Lions' Baseball Tournament in 1951.

I've included an enlargement below, so you have a better chance of spotting Ted Williams.  I think he's kneeling at the front.

Ted Williams was a junior.  Les Cassie and Betty Warren -- my dad and mom -- graduated a year early.  My dad was ineligible for baseball his senior year. It seems he played in a Sunday ball championship game after baseball season had started.  Quite a harsh penalty.  I believe Roger and Dave Engle’s dad is in the back row. Maybe fourth from left -- Tom Cassie ’62

Ted was in the December graduating class at Hoover and played for the Padres in pro ball beginning that next spring.  My dad was ruled ineligible due to playing in a winter league game during high school baseball season.  A rain out put the game later that conflicted with the season -- Jim Cassie ’65

My mom graduated in 1937 from Hoover, which is the year Ted Williams graduated, and I have her annual.  Ted Williams is pictured as a February graduate.  Ted actually played for the Padres before he graduated, which is why he is not pictured with the baseball team in the 1937 annual.  In the 1935 annual baseball picture, he was probably a sophomore -- Fred Dickson ’61

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