Marilyn Spier Myers '70 is trying to remember the name of the Home Ec Teacher with the gorgeous La Jolla home who hosted an Old Globe after party in December 1971. Don Knotts and Pamela Britton, from My Favorite Martian, were in the cast and at the party. That's Pamela, Don and Marilyn above. That's Mr and Mrs. Home Ec Teacher below on the left, Don Knotts on the right, and another mystery girl in the middle
The teacher in question is my Aunt, Virginia Williams White. She was a long time Home Economics and Sewing teacher at Horace Mann, not Crawford. The picture was taken at her Point Loma home. She never lived in La Jolla. It was probably either a Thanksgiving or Christmas event, as she and another of my aunts were involved with the Old Globe. Next to my aunt is her husband Harel -- Steve Stone '72

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