Here's a photo I took of Don's Hamburger stand in 1959.  22 burgers, 49 pizzas, 25 tacos, and 4 large shrimp for a number of pennies that ends in a 4.  In the background I see Hand Packed Carnation ice cream -- 42 a pint, 83 a quart and $1.00 for a gallon.  If you couldn't eat a gallon you could get a cone for 15.

Another great photo. Yes I remember that corner well. It is 54th Street and El Cajon Blvd. My Grandma lived on 54th St and my 87 year old Mom even remembers Don's Hamburgers. She says we ate there often. 22 cents for a burger. I think we still have some cheap fast food burgers around, but can't eat them anymore! Angela Maisano Avitt 70

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