I copied the above photo from a January 1942 edition of National Geographic, which was loaned to me for a day. The little shack on the right says “Office: El Cerritos Heights Homes”. I opined that it looked to be in the Crawford attendance area, probably because of the Chollas Towers in the background.

That neighborhood is in the Crawford attendance area and home to a few Colts.  The picture was taken looking south on 60th Street from about Bradford Street.  The sales sign was next to my house, where Estelle, Adelaide, and Vale Way all intersected.  People in the ‘hood:  My sister,
Linda Marchese ‘66 ; Von ‘66, Vic ‘63 and Gar Jacobson ’60; Bill ‘66, Bob ‘63 and Rochelle Harrison ‘60 (later their home was bought by Art Ciuffo ‘69); Gary ‘60, Judy ‘67 and Tony Keefer ‘69; Clair ‘60 and Rich Ambler ‘63, Lynn ‘62, Nonnie ‘64 and Kemp Ipsen ‘66; Candy Kerr ‘66, Ron ‘60 and Dick Heimlich ‘62, David and Ellen Poulter, Greg ’64 and Susan Shindel ’69, Paul Maris, Ricky ’63 and Brian Evers ’59, Sammy Zolezzi ’67, Carl ’66 and Claudia Chesshir ’60, Ann Radtke ’61, Preston Beebe ’65, and Carl Meuselbach ’66.  Thanks for posting our National Geographic picture.  I never knew our claim to fame was that we were “sheltered industrial workers”.  We were just a bunch of happy kids hangin’ out -- Laura Marchese Stephenson ’69

The National Geographic photo is taken from Bradford and 60th Street. Instant recognition from my days of walking, running, biking, flexi-ing down that street on my way home from Food Basket or Rexall Drug to 60th and Meade. Thanks for the memories. My sister
Judy Gurling '60 recalls that the Ritchie family lived on Meade Ave.across the street from us and were upset when our house and others were built. They could no longer look over and see the cows on what was the Daley ranch. -- Barb Gurling McAlexander ’64

(Flexi-ing? As in riding your Flexible Flyer? Don’t EVEN tell me you were a Tom Boy!! -- JF)

Bob Richardson '61 snagged this shot off of Google Earth on May 24, 2011. I'm not sure when Google took it.

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