Euclid & El Cajon

Once upon a time -- perhaps from 1930 to 1970 -- people said they lived
in EAST San Diego. A major intersection was Euclid and El Cajon.

Here are three photos of the State Theater, just west of Euclid, taken around 1940. If you click on the image above it will take you to the San Diego Historical Society's list of San Diego theaters, from whence these photos were taken.
Oscar's Drive-Ins are long gone but this site, on the southeast corner of El Cajon and Euclid, is still occupied by a Foodmaker establishment -- Jack-in-the-Box. If you click on the above photo, taken by Larry Booth in 1947, you will access an Oscar's Menu from around 1952.
My friend Howard Rozelle took this photo of Esquire Motors, on the northeast corner of El Cajon and Euclid, around 1957. For all I know, the lot might still be there.

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