John Fry's Scrapbook

Family Letters

Family Obituaries


Colonel Jefferson Fry's Civil War Memorabilia

Elmer and Della Fry's Final Mortgage Payment 1902


Marie Benes Schaeffer Beall Lomicka

Articles about Grandma's
Glass Collection in:

Valley Grove News 1973

Lemon Grove Life-News 1974

Lady's Circle Magazine 1975

Relics Magazine 1976


Elmer Ellsworth Fry

Marriage and Death


John Jefferson Fry Sr


School Awards and Report Cards

Navy Medals Awards and Certificates

Aboard the USS Rexberg

Jeff Sings "Darling Nelly Gray"


John Jefferson Fry Jr

Bancroft Elementary School 1949



Holiday Season 1968

Trip to the Zoo 1969

Mission Beach 1969

Linda See's 16th Birthday Party 1969

Juan Sebastian de Elcano

The four-masted Spanish training ship arrives in San Diego Harbor on April 12, 1969 for the Spanish Week portion of San Diego's 200th Anniversary Celebration.

Putting Grandma on the Train

Mom makes sure Grandma Marie safely boards the Santa Fe streamline on Mother's Day morning -- May 11, 1969

Ken Ptack's A-6 Intruder

We take the ferry boat Crown City to Coronado and North Island where Ken Ptack removes gear from his Grumman A-6A Intruder.  The date is July 19, 1969.  The last ferry sailed on August 2, 1969.  The Coronado Bridge opened for business the next day.

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