On October 9,1967 Jeff was was in the fourth year of his Seven Years to Graduation plan at San Diego State College.  It wasn't a university then.  Running late to class, he chose to park in a vacant Faculty Spot and was nailed by the campus police.  Two days later he was in a similar situation and realized he could outwit the parking authorities.  He placed the two-day old ticket under his windshield wiper and headed off to class.  Not long after, apparently, I happened to be headed to class and noticed a policeman next to Jeff's easily-recognizable 1938 Powder Blue 4-Door Chevrolet.  When the officer left I wandered over and took a look at the ticket.  Jeff had apparently acquired a second citation, written on the original ticket, by one A. E. Moore.  I removed the ticket from under the windshield wiper, added a snarky comment on the back, and went on my way.  That afternoon Jeff arrived home at our apartment on the boardwalk in Mission Beach wearing a smile and waving the ticket.  "Good one," he chortled, referring to my written comment.  He didn't pay the ticket, of course, and -- by his own count -- would eventually acquire a total of 12 parking citations.  Not a problem -- until it came time to get a diploma.  He says he only had to pay for 8 of them.  He surmises that the others were no longer valid due to the Statute of Limitations.

Jeff poses with a cold Coors on the running board of his car
on the boardwalk next to our place at the beach.

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