Vintage Gas Pumps

Since 2004, I have been restoring antique calculating gas pumps from the 1930s. I have done a few for myself and have restored some for collectors. Car collectors love these things -- Dave Folck '67 

Crankback side panel for a Tokheim 36B
Nozzle side panel for a Tokheim 36B
Restored frame for a Tokheim 36B
Globe lens holder
Door for a Tokheim 36B

The photos above are from a pump I did for Dan and Pam Franchi of Los Alamitos. He is a retired Union Oil of California production engineer, she is the Granddaughter of one of the founders of the Union Oil Company of California. My work entailed some 70 hours to "restore" this pump. I spent 20 hours just trying to match to blue paint to the door decal. Tetraethyl was introduced in 1932 for V-8 Ford flathead engines.
Restoration includes complete disassembly, cleaning, sandblasting, all metal repair including welding, brazing, using simple body and fender tools, powder coating or painting and sometimes clear coating over top coat, new nuts and bolts, original parts, reproduction parts, use of tap and die set when necessary, new wiring and light sockets, complete disassembly cleaning and rebuilding of the Veedor-Root calculator mechanism

The completed pump is valued at $4500.
It was safer to transport this pump in pieces so as not to mar the gorgeous paint done by Abstract Fiberglass Auto Body of Reseda, CA using PPG auto paint and clear coat.
I've enclosed a picture of another Tokheim 36B that sits in the California Oil Museum in Santa Paula, California. It is done in the now defunct Gilmore Oil Motiff. It was done for a collector friend who put it in the museum.

A restored Gilbarco 96C done in 1930s Esso Extra motif and now residing in Bristol, Tennessee
A restored Tall Tokheim 39 in Mobilgas motif
A restored Tokheim 36B in Gilmore Oil motif
An unrestored Bennett 371 in AMOCO colors

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