(Above) two historic Crawford photos -- the First Commencement -- held on the football field June 18, 1959, at 5 PM. I'm pretty sure my dad took the Kodachrome slide with his Exacta, but I might have. My sister, Margaret Richardson, is at the podium. According to the Pacer on your site from June 9, she and George Gabor were to speak on "senior survey," whatever that was. Our class ('61) had its commencement in the Greek Theater at San Diego State, as did the class of '60 (I checked your Pacer collection for that fact), so the class of '59 probably was the only one to have its commencement on campus.

(Above) Principal Mary McMullen, an old family friend, photographed after graduation in our patio by my father. Mary was 5' 1" and my dad was 6' 4" so you can see why Mary is looking up -- Bob Richardson '61

(Below) An article from the June 19, 1959 San Diego Union

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