The Centaurs Are Here!!

Mary Smith '62 shares photos she took
with her new camera the last week of school.

That's Mary on the right with the gray sweater. Is that Helga Ritter way in the back?
Mary thinks that's Penny McKean on the left. I see several purses on desks, so the bell must be just about ready to ring.
Chemistry Teacher Lavier Lokke, who passed away in 2005
Mary thought the caps and gowns indicated graduation, but I don't think so. The brick building at the rear told me immediately that this photo was taken across the street from San Diego High. Looks like Steve Haiman up front and May Pomplun at the far left.
(Left) Darryl Yakel is at the left, but I'm not sure who the other guys are. (Right) Mary, on the right, in front of Russ Auditorium next to San Diego High.
May and her prom date Tom Beltz (Hoover '61)

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