Graduation 1972

(Photos courtesy of Ken Burton '72. "My dad would be so proud," says Ken)

San Diego State's Greek Bowl. Ken thinks it was for Baccalaureate -- or Easter Services in the late 1950s. This is where MY Class of '62 graduated.

State used to put on free movies on Saturday nights during a few weeks each summer in the Greek Bowl. They would put up a big screen right on the stage and folks would sit on the lawn and lower seats in the bowl. We lived one block from the bowl. One Saturday night in July 1969, after my family got home from the movie, we turned on the TV to see Neil Armstrong live walking on the moon. That was quite a night. I also graduated at the Greek Bowl, in June of 1970. Crawford must have moved the ceremony over to Aztec Bowl in either '71 or '72 -- Matt Leddick

Seniors make their way down to Aztec Stadium
I am in the front row holding onto my cap with my diploma in my hand and the photo before that I am sitting kind of forward with my diploma in my hand. I do remember Ken Burton (he was cute!), but don't know if he remembers me or not. When seated alphabetically in class or in this case for graduation "Baumgarten" and "Burton" were always seated rather close to each other – Debby Baumgarten

I found myself in this picture. I’m in the first full row, fourth from left. My best friend, Laurel Brassey Iverson, is sitting third from left. Next to her is Jurgen Bredthauer, one of our exchange students. Jurgen was supposed to be between us (alphabetically seated) but we asked him to change seats so we could sit next to each other! I think that's Debby Baumgarten directly behind Laurel. (I recognize others, but the placement identification gets too complicate --
Patty Bremner Brubaker

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