Here’s a picture of a birthday party for Coach Walt Harvey that was put on by some La Jolla High Football players who were coached by him in 1957, before he came to Crawford.  Coach Harvey turned 92 on September 2, 2010 and he and his wife are in good health.  His memory was sharper that all those present.  I  am standing on the far right of the picture, and was invited because I played on the last team coached  by him in 1968 at Crawford.  I just retired last year as La Jolla's head football coach after 11 seasons -- Dave Ponsford ‘69

The LJHS alums left to right behind Coach Walt Harvey: Eddie Olsen '53, Andy Skief '52, Roger Shafer '51, Stan Wyatt '52, Dick Blodgett '52 and then of course Dave Ponsford. Coach Samuel Walter "Walt" Harvey coached and taught at LJHS from 1948 to 1953 -- Sandy Erickson, La Jolla High Alumni Association

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