Andrew Jackson
Elementary School


(Courtesy of Jeff Cauthen '65)

I'm the little rug rat, second row, far left

I'm third row, second from left. 34 kids in the class and
we learned to read.  So much for small class sizes!!

I'm center, top row.  Joe Dyke is far left, third row.  Karen Lindem is far left, fourth row.

I'm middle, second row.  Wayne Fabert is far left, top row.  Les Leeper is far left, second row.  Jim Cassie is third from left, second row.

I'm fourth from right, second row.  My best friend at the time Daryl Gomez is top row, third from left.  He went to Horace Mann, but I don't think Crawford.  Karen Lindem is top row, third from right.  Les Leeper is top row, far right.  Lois Olsen is bottom row, second from left.

All of us were so young.  Now I'm a grandpa with five grandkids and my son in the Navy and on his way to Afghanistan for a one year tour.  Time does fly!!! Jeff Cauthen '65

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