Andrew Jackson
Elementary School

Map of Jackson Elementary

Courtesy of Ken Buron '72

Andrew Jackson Closes

Apparently there was a quiet ceremony on July 21, 2008
Read the article in the San Diego Union-Tribune

Photographs of the Ceremony

Thank God for Owen Western

Are you in this picture sent in by Joan Thomsen Morine '60? We recognize Judy Butzine, Melinda Myrick, Gayle Alward, Judy Silverman, Georgellen Oullette, Sharon Culver and little Davey Lemay.

Andrew Jackson 1949-1956

Class photos courtesy of Dyann Richardson Candee '62

Andrew Jackson 1949-1956

Class photos courtesy of Tom Cassie '62
(Some of these are the same as Dyann's but have more captions)

Andrew Jackson 1950-1951

Dan Lewis '62 went to Jackson in First Grade

Andrew Jackson: 1951

Kindergarten Photo from Sally Brett '63

Andrew Jackson: 1950-1957

Owen Western '63 has all seven years

Andrew Jackson 6th Grade 1957

Jan Worrell Manietta shares her 6th grade photo,
which is different that Owen's

Andrew Jackson Kindergarten 1952

Courtesy of Larry Vansworth '64

Andrew Jackson 5th Grade 1957

Courtesy of Eric "Ricky" Selten '64

Andrew Jackson 1953-1959

Courtesy of Jeff Cauthen '65

Andrew Jackson 1953-1959

Courtesy of Joe Dyke '65

Andrew Jackson 1955

Courtesy of Jim Dyke '66

Andrew Jackson 1954-1960

Courtesy of Dwight Yakel '66 -- and
all but one have names on the back!!

Andrew Jackson 1956-1962

Michael Naiman '68 can't find his 3rd Grade photo

Andrew Jackson 1957-1963

Courtesy of Sally Bots Chew '69

Andrew Jackson 1957-1961

Courtesy of Jim Sotiros '69

Andrew Jackson: 1964

The 6th Grade photo of Kris Pruski Wood '70

Andrew Jackson: 1964

The 3rd Grade photo of George Glover '73

Andrew Jackson 1959-1965

Courtesy of Rondey Mitchell Garrison '71

Andrew Jackson 1960-1966

Class photos courtesy of Ken Burton '72

Andrew Jackson 1963-1969

Courtesy of Gary Mathis '75

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