Johnny Downs

Is this Johnny Downs?  I thought he did advertisements for Golden Arrow Dairy.

I think Johnny Downs also went by "Johnny Jet" earlier in his career. I have a certificate for being a "Clean the Plate Club" member from Johnny Jet back in 1954 -- Norm Black 68

Now that you mentioned Johnny Downs, I did a search for something way back in my memory banks from 1953-54.  All the information on internet talks about his kids show on channel 10 but before that he was on channel 6 as Johnny Jet.  I know because he had a Good Deed Contest and I wrote a letter telling how I helped my mother before I left for school, hanging diapers on the line (two younger sisters) and other chores.  I was the winner of the week and won a Schwinn Bike and a horn of some kind.  My parents had to take me to the TV station and it was on Mt San Antonio in Tijuana -- Susan Menconi Underwood 60

And a lil walk down memory lane with Johnny Downs. I had completely forgotten Town Talk bread. I wonder if it's too late to blame my lifelong weight battle on his "clean your plate club" --
Lynn Routt Swanson 62

Johnny Downs was part of our lives, from the cartoons to the products.  Please correct me if my memory is poor, but didn't he also advertise Golden Arrow Dairy?  He would "jump" up on top of a bottle, wobble around until he got his balance, and tell us how great the milk was.  Then, again, as I recall, he would take a nice long swallow of the milk, wipe his mouth with the back of his hand, and say, "Mmmmm, great!!" -- Sharon Cramer Sceper 68

Ah, Johnny Downs. I used to watch him when I got home from school. I remember the commercial he used to do where he danced around on the top of a giant bottle of mile from Golden Arrow Dairy. Good times!! -- George Glover 73

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