March 6, 2017

Hi John,
I can’t believe that it has been 2 1/2 years since our Class of ’64 50-Year Reunion. Is time going by as quickly for you as it is for me?

I was sorry to learn that Mr. Brosio passed away. He was such a bright and creatively funny teacher. In our American Government class I remember that Mike (a student whose last name I’ve forgotten) and Mr. Brosio would get into lively discussions. Mike was a Goldwater Republican and (of course) Mr. Brosio was a JFK/Johnson Democrat. I wonder if Mike pursued a political career. Does anyone remember one of Mr. Brosio’s little quirks. When he would laugh, he would stick out his tongue. Soon, I found myself sticking out my tongue when I laughed. I couldn’t stop. I guess I really did admire that guy!

Recently I ran across a copy of the San Diego Free Press, dated June 27-July 11, 1969.. By the way, it was printed at 751 Turquoise Street in Pacific Beach*. This 16-page paper contained lots of informative and fun articles and advertisements. I found an article that might be of interest.

During a periodic Crawford High locker check, a member of the administration (establishment) found “forbidden contraband” in Lisa Katz’ locker. 15 copies of the Free Press were confiscated and destroyed.

I remember that, during occasional locker checks a teacher might find a bottle of booze, usually in a locker near the Auto Shop. Of course, the biggest crime was finding a student smoking in the bathroom.
I was busted once for leaving campus. I went to the A & W at College and University. I loved the 25¢ Root Beer in a Megaphone!!

I have always been thankful that we grew up with lockers -- and not having to transport our books in a backpack. How do kids manage this today? Punish the masses because of a few!

Gary Juleen ’64
Descanso, CA

(In June 1969 951 Turquoise St, in Pacific Beach, was The Pacific Beach Playhouse. Who knows what other nefarious activities took place there -- John Fry)

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