Class of '63 Luncheon

Kathy Keeyes '68 here.  I was in San Diego last week for the wedding of my son, Stephen Palmer, Santana class of 89 at the Carlton Oaks Golf Club on March 18, 2017.  Since family was bringing my brother, Joe Keeyes '63 to San Diego for the wedding I arranged a lunch on Sunday for Joe and his high school buddies:  Phil Piscopo, Jerry Smithson, Jerry Lovelady, Bruce Hafer, Skip Park, George Prout, and Rick Herrmann. My brother Bob Keeyes '67 attended also.  Phil Piscopo and his family were our neighbors all through the school years.  Phil and Joe started Kindergarten at Blessed Sacrament together and graduated from Crawford together.  George Prout didn't get in the first picture because he was a little late but Bob got him in another shot.  I heard through the grapevine that they all had a great time sharing lots of stories and memories.

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