My husband Duane graduated from Sweetwater in 1964, and played with at least one band, The Deep Six. He and his pals hung out and sometimes played at The Land of Oden and its later name, Bifrost Bridge. He continued to go to Bifrost Bridge after he finished his first military duty. This morning he whipped out his old folder of music and fliers and found the Land of Oden business card and Bifrost Bridge flier above -- Sharon Cramer Sceper ’68

I used to manage The Land of Oden. I ran the lights and sound and did my first talent bookings there. That’s where I put together my first professional band that had a hit. I wrote and went on the road. Boy, it was long ago, but I remember it all. I worked with a couple great guys that owned The Land of Oden -- Ken Mansfield and Dennis Bond. A few years later we linked up and ran a business in Hollywood called Tug Boat Productions. Thanks for stirring up some great early memories --
Dave Gray ‘63

Well, turns out Duane remembers Dave Grey very well. He had an album, now replaced by a CD, of music by The Deep Six. Dave Grey's name is among those listed on the CD. Duane recalls The Deep Six heading to George Air Force Base for a planned gig. When the powers that be realized the music was more of a war protest, they were cut from the show.  They all headed to Sunset Strip, Pershing Square and Clifford's in downtown LA, and a fun time was had by all -- Sharon Cramer Sceper ’68

I remember that gig and it was exactly as Duane said. It was the thing to do at that era -- sing some war protest songs within your show. I remember one of the songs was so emotional we got a standing ovation every time we did it. I don’t blame the Air Force Base at all for banning us. I was against the whole protest thing at the time, but  there were managers and record labels and the rest of the group. I couldn’t win all the battles with everybody. So, we just got detoured to another gig in LA and that’s where I can’t remember what happened next. I guess we all had a good time! Ahhh, the days of the Hollywood scene…I don’t miss them at all, except for some of the great people I met and worked with and it was a small world in the music business back then --
Dave Gray

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