For 10 years Janet Burgess has been telling Crawford Foundation Members calumnies about John Fry and how he stole the Crawford High alumni files. Janet Burgess is fearful of John Fry and his supporters starting a separate Crawford High Alumni Association.
Janet Burgess directs all Crawford Foundation Members to keep John Fry out of the Crawford High alumni information loop. Janet Burgess strongly discourages Crawford Foundation Members in having any communication with John Fry.

Janet Burgess cancels the Crawford High All Class 50th Birthday Party, and blames John Fry for the event failure as he was unwilling to help with his copious data base in marketing the program. Janet Burgess tells the Crawford Foundation Members that John Fry wanted to be paid to help get the word out.

Janet Burgess tells Crawford Foundation Members that John Fry sent a spy to sniff around the Crawford Foundation booth during the 2007 Rolando Street Fair.

Janet Burgess tells Crawford Foundation Members that John Fry was seen spying on the Crawford alumni attending the Rubio's Fundraiser, and how John Fry sat in his car and counted all the people with flyers going into eat.

Janet Burgess is constantly telling her Crawford Foundation toadies that she hates John Fry. Janet Burgess discourages Crawford Foundation Members from subscribing to the John Fry Crawford Alumni quarterly newsletter.

Janet Burgess tells Crawford Foundation Members that John Fry is ripping off Crawford High alumni, and that he screws them when they ask for his help in put on class reunions.

Janet Burgess expresses her enmity for John Fry, and orders her Crawford Foundation sycophants to create a free online newsletter and to put the John Fry Crawford Alumni quarterly newsletter out of business.

Janet Burgess orchestrates a coup d' etat, with her minions Janet Burgess colludes and flips the Crawford Foundation Board of Directors. Janet Burgess installs her suppliant and John Fry hater Gabriel Pina to be her presidential marionette.

Please remove my name from ALL further correspondence. I consider your EMAIL to be spam. It was unsolicited. According to the laws in North Carolina, this notice serves as a legal obligation on your part to insure that I receive no further EMAIL from this email address. Further unsolicited emails, other than one of apology, will result in legal action on the part of the Secretary of State from North Carolina.
Your email is spiteful, hateful, and in direct conflict to any and all experiences I have had with Mr. Fry. Our high school reunion (45th) occurred 2 weekends ago and from all accounts was a success. Mr. Fry was the coordinator. He is entitled to earn a living for his efforts and his prices for his newsletters are modest and just. His fees for coordination of activities are fair. He provides a vital link between my alma mater and me which is more than I can say for the Crawford High Foundation - from whom I have NEVER received a single contact.
Your personal vendetta will certain backlash on you. It is an attack on the individual, besmirches his integrity and damages his character. By copy of this email, I am suggesting to Mr. Fry that he might want to consider legal action against you for slander. You make strong accusations which I am not sure that you can substantiate. If such is the case, I would suggest that you quickly find an attorney.
I am not sure how YOU received my EMAIL address for I have NEVER given it to any member of the Crawford High Foundation and therefore might assume that you have acquired it through an extract of a file which contains numerous alumni emails. As such, I classify this email as spam - unsolicited, unwanted, and undesirable. An EMAIL of apology is the only response acceptable.

Richard Lidbom '62

I am forwarding my response to an email I received which mentions all parties to whom I am addressing this EMAIL. I am asking that you assist in my receiving no further such unsolicited spam. My recommendation to Mr. Fry stands. I suggest that Ms. Burgess contact the writer of the hateful email and strongly reprimand her for references to representing Ms. Burgess in the third person. If Ms. Burgess is unable or unwilling to defend herself, she needs to realize that unanswered email referencing something said in her behalf will implicate her as a willing participant in the activity and as such she will assume legal exposure. All parties need to read the Letter To The Editor I wrote to the San Diego Union/Tribune published September 19th and realize that Crawford High has been an important part of my life but has alienated me with the actions described in the letter.
I am also curious as to why I have NEVER received contact from the Crawford High Foundation but am kept current on all Crawford activities, including the 50th Birthday Party by Mr. Fry. Apparently he must have a much stronger link, interest, and ability to communicate than the Foundation.

Richard D. Lidbom

An unwelcome change at Crawford High

What has happened to Crawford High School? I graduated in 1962 from one of the strongest academic schools in the San Diego Unified School District. Due to changes in the student body demographics, the historical approach to education at Crawford has been replaced by a new vision of self-contained schools within a school. This has virtually eliminated fine arts, home economics and shops from the curriculum. But another more disturbing change has also taken place.
This month marked the 45th reunion of the Class of '62. One project at this year's reunion was to collect money for the W.C. Crawford Foundation to assist the school with non-budgeted projects. I contribute a significant portion of my financial giving to educational projects and would have considered the foundation a worthy recipient but for one small problem – the attitude of the administration of the high school toward a request for an alumni group visit.
The purpose would have been to view the campus, renew images and develop an appreciation for the changes in academic approach. We were told there would be no tour – we were not welcome. What has happened to our institution? The answer, nothing. What has changed are the attitudes of people responsible for continuing the school's legacy.
George Parry, principal in 1962, would never have rejected such a request. From my perspective, financial support can better be given where the givers are valued for their contributions by being considered honored and interested constituents.

Winston-Salem, N.C.
September 19, 2007

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