Lindbergh Field, late 1950s. Gary and Barry Peterson ’71 exit a United Air Lines DC-6 with their parents after a trip to Iowa. The photo looks west toward today’s Coast Guard Station. The terminal in those days was on the east side of the runway on Pacific Highway. You could walk onto the tarmac and greet the arrivals without restriction. (Photo courtesy of Ken Burton ’72)

I love this picture of the family coming off the airplane. Those were the good old days when you got dressed up to fly. I always remember my parents dressed nicely to fly -- Deborah Baumgarten ‘72

I actually dispatched the last commercial aircraft to leave the terminal on Pacific Highway. I was working for Western Airlines (part time while at SD State) as a "Ramp Rat". WA Flight 475 was the last flight out at night leaving at 11:45pm to LAX -- The SAN airport curfew started at Midnight. KFMB-TV actually filmed the departure for their newscast. So there I was directing the Lockheed ElectraJet out of Gate 2 - The last flight from that terminal. Ahhh.... Memories - The smell of JetA fumes at night -- Jerry Ellis ‘61

"Time to Say Goodbye"

(A musical retrospective to the airlines we loved -- courtesy of Rolf Pope)

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