The Hardy School Boys

The Hardy School boys (Crawford '70) reunited with their old classmate and neighbor Larry Klein August 16th at Elijah's Restaurant in Kearny Mesa.  It was the first time any of them had seen or spoke with Larry in over 50 years.  From left that's Larry Klein, Steve Hoke, Gary Gallerstein, Wayne Zucker and Bernie Feldman.  Larry, Steve and Bernie grew up on Redding Rd. with just one other house in between the three of them.  Gary and Wayne grew up on Remington Rd. as next door neighbors, two blocks away from Larry, Steve and Bernie.
BELOW: I've snipped out the Redding and Remington Rd portions of the 1958 City Directory (the most recent available on line).  Most of the folks above may not have moved in yet, but there sure are a bunch of surnames familiar to me.

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