The 2014 Annual Class of ’72 Girls’ Night Out Re-Gifting Party held at the home of Robbie Nelson January 3, 2014. A handful of ladies have maintained contact since their Oak Park Elementary School days! This was a special celebration, as 2014 will mean 60th birthdays for this classy group of Colts.
Betty Eccles Morper and Nancy Taylor
Rosemary Dobbs and Debi Soper Rainey
Phyllis Naiman, Mollie Novidor Lavin,
and Miriam Aftreth Keesey
Jeane Governali Ray, Debi Soper Rainey, and Betty Eccles Morper stand behind Abbe Marholin
Phyllis Schwartz, Giovanna De Santi Medina,
Patty Bremner Brubaker, and Valerie Goodwin Danzig

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