The 2015 Class of '72 Re-Gifting Party

Held January 15th at the home of Robbie Nelson

Top Row (right to left): Roberta Myles Markey, Deb Cox Cowan, Hillary Frankel St. Martin, Mary Ponce Howell, Jenn Loss Landers, LaDon Kearny, Mollie Novidor Lavin, Giovanna DeSanti-Medina, Petra Valasakos-Damento Bottom Row (right to left): Phyllis Naiman, Betty Eccles Morper, Nancy Taylor, Jeanne Governali Ray, Risa Stevens Hiller, Patty Bremner Brubaker, Robbie Nelson, Phyllis Schwartz, Rose Dobbs. (Photo by Jinger Nelson, (I think she was '76) -- sister of Robbie Nelson.

Nancy Taylor, Jeanne Governali Ray
and Risa Stevens Hiller
LaDon Kearny, Phyllis Naiman,
and Petra Valasakos-Damento
Deb Cox Cowan, Rose Dobbs, Hillary Frankel St. Martin,
Roberta Myers Markey and Patty Bremner Brubaker
Phyllis Naiman and Giovanna DeSanti-Medina

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