Senior Luncheon

Stardust Hotel • Mission Valley

June 12, 1962

(Program and photo courtesy of Judy Lyle MacInnes)

Hi John -- I took this photo on the day of our Senior Luncheon at the Stardust Hotel in Mission Valley. Shirley Boss either fell in the swimming pool or was pushed. Does anyone remember the details?

(Fell? Isn't that Cheryl "Mad Dog" Hembera looking innocent at the left? Her frequent partner in crime Mary Jo Schmith is probably lurking in the shadows -- J. F.)


Hey, John -- I was just checking the web photos. The picture of Shirley in the water at the Stardust, does not include Cheryl Hembera, but me, Judy Thomas! Memory ain't what it used to be, but I'm pretty sure Shirley was pushed, though can't remember by whom --or am not telling, anyway!).

(I could see where you might cop to the pushing crime, but are you actually owning up to the hair-do? -- J. F.)

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