Here is a photo of some Crawfordites at a small ceremonial party at the completion of my house in 1991. Ah, the glory days of middle age -- I was the only one married at the time.  They are, left to right Me, Mike Nesbit, kneeling, Bill Kellison, Helix High, Mark Nesbit, giving a salute on his plate, Jerry Pierce, the big smile, All 64 grads, Richard Hankla ‘66 -- Bob Mardon '64
Mike Nesbit and Bob Mardon pose in front of Mark Nesbit's '68 Camaro before heading to active duty in the United States Navy in 1969. The photo was taken in front of the Nesbits' home on Feiger Drive.
Class of '64 members Mark Nesbit, Bob Brock, and Mike Nesbit pose in front of Bob Mardon's '56 Chevy in front of the Mardon residence at 5465 Timothy Drive. All parties are enroute to the Senior Breakfast at the Hotel del Coronado. Bob Mardon is apparently the photographer and chauffer.
Bob has uploaded some home movies from this period. At the time of this posting I hadn't gotten the details, but you'll recognize members of the Rat Pack above. He's added the sound of a projector to the second video.

Bob poses with a new old '56 Chevy on Shelter Island. He got rid of his first '56 because "it attracted police" and caused his driving record to suffer. He sold it for $500 and bought a '64 Pontiac Le Mans, which he still owns.

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