John Clay '69
Mr. Gerald Newall
Betty Mayfield Picard '75
Hi John,
A funny thing happened to me in the dental chair. I was getting my teeth drilled for three crowns at the same time, and XM Radio was playing hits of the ‘70s.
They were playing “Eres Tu”, the Spanish language hit from the early ‘70s, and I was thinking to myself how that was used to help teach Spanish back at Crawford.
Then the host of the show said something similar after the song ended, something like, “Ah, I remember our Spanish teacher using that to teach us Spanish at Crawford High School. Good old Mr. Newall.”
Well, that wasn’t what I was expecting to hear sitting in a dental chair in Texas!
I looked up the show, and I think the host at the time was named John Clay.

Betty Mayfield Picard ’75
Plano, TX

(Que lastima!!! John Clay '69 in fact works for XM Sirius radio in Washington, DC)

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